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Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you could contact the driver of another vehicle? Most of us run into this issue daily. Zilp is an app where users can register their license plate and securely connect with other drivers without exposing their phone number or any personal information. Simply look up the license plate number of the desired vehicle and start chatting immediately, or as we like to say, “Capture, Connect, Communicate!”



Phone numbers are a thing of the past

No need to worry about getting someone’s phone number to chat with them. Simply input their license plate number in the search bar and contact the driver. You can input the license plate number by typing in the search bar, speaking into your phone’s microphone, or by taking a photo of their license plate.


Broadcast with Zilp

Broadcast any situation to drivers around you via text or video, whether you are in danger, need help or simply want to notify others of road hazards or accidents.

Parked Vehicles' Location

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve parked our car in a large venue and forgotten where we left it. By using Zilp’s location services, not only can you save your car’s location, but you can also save multiple car locations to help locate you and your friends vehicles easier.


Chat globally in your native language

Zilp has an automatic translation function embedded in the chat window to overcome any language barriers. Connecting with people of different backgrounds has truly become easier using Zilp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions frequently asked by Zilp users.

Simple! Capture their car’s license plate number using your phone camera, your voice, or text from search text box. Then, you’ll be able to connect and chat with them right away.
You only have access to license plate numbers belonging to registered Zilp users.
There are two ways to save the location of your car. The first option works automatically. After you’ve left your car, you will get a notification from Zilp asking whether you want to save your car location or not. The second option works manually. Tapping on the red blip on the bottom right corner will automatically pin your current location as the car location. You have the option to save more than one car location. You simply need to move to the second car’s location and repeat the process.
Sometimes we park at venues with multiple floors, sections, and parking lot numbers. In order to not forget where you parked, Zilp allows you to open a pop-up window to add information regarding your car’s location (the floor number, parking lot number, section number, etc.) and allow you to take a photo. These photos will help you to recall your car’s surroundings in order to make it easier to find it when you return.
Wherever you are, if you have saved your car’s location, simply tap on the car icon and it will give you the option to Find Your Car or Share Your Car Location with Others to find you easily.
Tap on the “Saved Car Location” icon. It will open up a pop-up window with the option to share location with others. Simply tap on this button and enter the contact information of people you would like to share your car’s location with.
Yes. Simply move to the location of a second car and tap on the “Save Car Location” button.
No. It is not visible unless you share it with others.
Zilp comes with a “broadcast” icon that you can tap on so you can share information with surrounding users. In the case of a road incident or impending danger, you can broadcast text or video with other users within a certain mile range of your choosing. For user convenience, there are default messages already available and the option to customize your message as well.
Tap on the “Road Hazard” tab in the broadcast section and select the mile range you’d like to broadcast your warning message.
Zilp comes with a “block” option to cease contact with other users.
Absolutely. Unlike other chat messengers that require revealing your identity and phone number to share with users, Zilp keeps your contact info anonymous. The whole point of the app is to find a quick way to contact drivers without exposing their personal information such as name, phone number, address, etc.
Go to your car profile and update it. You will be able to change your license plate number and all other information regarding your car.
Yes! Simply tap on the “Add Car” button and add as many as you want!
As previously stated, your contact information is not revealed when someone contacts you via your license plate number. All other users have access to is your license plate number, which is available publically in real life.
Zilp comes with a “smart” real-time multilingual translator that translates incoming messages into your native language. Your language of choice can be set from the top of the chat window.
Search your license plate number and find the user who incorrectly attached your license plate number to his or her profile. There is a “Report Abuse” button that you can tap to contact Zilp administration. Make sure you have all identification necessary to prove you are the owner of the vehicle in question.

App Screens

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About Company

Zilp was created by its founder and CEO Alireza Zafaranchi, working alongside with other passionate entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers and technologists who brought their ideas, skills, and expertise together to bring his vision to life. Our mission is to give users the ability and power to build connections based on a secured medium of communication, bringing their world closer together. The intention of Zilp is to make new relationships with others while allowing people to interact safely and securely without releasing their phone number or any personal information to the world. One of the main goals of Zilp is to create opportunities for drivers to connect in order to prevent emergency situations such as leaving helpless children and pets unattended in a vehicle. With this app, these incidents become more preventable with a simple connection, granting everyone the opportunity to save a life. Amongst all features of the app, another function is the live broadcast feature, allowing users to avoid road incidents and ask for help. Zilp is a practical app that can be used in many ways, from lending a helping hand to simply chatting with people around you. Critical information can be shared with anybody at any time by eliminating all language barriers. With this app, we have re-invented the way people connect and communicate on the road. In the past, making a connection with new individuals on a day to day basis was part of the norm. However, within the past decade, this has become taboo. Zilp allows us to safely communicate with others, without missing out on opportunities we may have missed before.




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